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Reaching a Broader Audience

1.  Staging and photographing of all determined sellable items at the home or business

                 Items will be organized, labeled, and remain in the home until the determined pickup date.              

2.  Items will be listed on our auction platform for sale for a set time frame

                After all sellable items are cataloged, they will be uploaded onto our online auction platform, and the auction will become live to bid on for a set period of time.

3.  Smaller items are offered shipping to reach a wider audience

                Small items such a jewelry and trinkets will be available for shipping. Buyer pays shipping, insurance, and potential handling fees.

4.  Scheduled buyer pick up day at the home to remove all sold items

                A time and date is set prior to the auction being live. After the auction ends the buyers will pick up their purchased items. The address is only given to winning bidders after the auction has closed.

5.  Sold items will be removed by the AGES team to maintain proper COVID protocol and ensure the integrity of your property.

                All items are removed from the property on the day of pick up by the AGEs team.  Buyers will not be allowed in the property.  Once the items are outside the buyers may collect them.

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