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In Person 

1.  Staging of all determined sellable items at the home or business

                AGES staff will research and price items based on fair market value. Items will be staged and remain in the home until the sale date.           

2.  Once sale dates are determined, AGES will provide tables, pricing materials, and signage to complete the setup and staging of the sale.   

                During the sale, AGES will provide professional staff, manage the sale days and traffic,  maintain the integrity of the home, and follow all COVID protocol.  Guests will be limited to ensure safety.  

3.  Strict COVID19 Protocol to be followed

                AGES is versed in COVID protocol to ensure the safety of buyers and staff during the sale. We will limit buyers allowed in the home and will sanitize throughout the sale.  

4.  Clean out options available

                AGES will discuss the best options for you based on your situation.

5. The address of the home will only be given out on the first morning of the sale.  

6 Removal of purchased items the Day of the Sale

                All purchased items are removed from the property on the day of the sale unless other arrangements are made. 

7. AGES will keep a running inventory of items sold.