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Having lived in Colorado all of our lives, and in Northern Colorado the past 17 years, this is our home.  We may be supporting our clients in selling their cherished items from their, or a loved one’s home, but this does not define a legacy.

We respect and appreciate that many of the clients we help, did not only “live” in their homes, but were active members of the community and in doing so, supported and engaged in local activities.

We believe the best way to honor your loved ones is to honor their legacy.  Our “Give Back” philosophy is in the name of preserving a family legacy and love for our community.  We do this by providing as many resources as possible to support our local charities.  We believe in reselling, reusing, and recycling as much of an Estate as possible.

 We partner with many local charities by providing donations to support and raise awareness for their foundation. We take the extra step to ensure that any usable items are sold or donated.  

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